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No better indicator of your company’s health or that of your opponents than finance. When properly researched, financial data can reveal a number of important factors such as a company’s recent successes and failures, risk reduction opportunities and the development of new products and services based on current market trends. When properly used, data from financial research and analysis carefully conducted will help the business make accurate, potentially game-changing decisions.

The real value of the financial research service is that it cannot only be used to better understand the company’s recent decisions and actions but also to view your rivals ‘ position in relation to yours. You will better understand your business ‘ financial and operational factors, the industry’s dynamics (and your rivals) and the forces behind your competitors ‘ market behavior.


We deliver a wide range of monitoring tools to give you informative insights. These include business profiles, industry analysis, information packs, analyst perspectives on research reports, pitch books on investment opportunities, comparative company analysis in both your market and emerging markets, prior analysis of M&A transaction, financial modeling for designing and upgrading processes, and credit risk reports.

Our full range of Outsourced financial Research Services including Business Valuation Services can be customized to the specific requirements of your firm. We provide the following financial research and analysis services –

  • Investment Research
  • Equity Research
  • Credit Research
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management Support and many more!


Financial reporting is a very relevant and critical concept for assessing the company’s financial results. Pie Multilingual work with an expert team to help you turn your financial investment ideas into an effective financial plan. The in-house financial research experts will be providing services in rapid turnaround time and flexible pricing.

Our clients include the likes of portfolio consulting firms, management consulting firms, sell-side and buy-side firms, start-ups and diverse businesses. Our flexible model delivers outstanding value to customers of any scale.  Our team of expert research analysts deliver insightful data through their capabilities, vast knowledge and analytical skills to give the cutting edge to organizations that remain ahead of their competitors all the time.

Partner with us today and get all the top-notch benefits in an efficient way!


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